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Information Security

Information Security

The information security group (I-Sec), created in 2015, is led by Professor Dimitri Konstantas and is active in the following security related fields:

-          Cyber physical systems (CPS), communications of wired and wireless devices (e.g. IoT).

-          Data analytics, extract information from CPS and perform analysis regarding security and privacy.

-          Big data handling and visualisation, the most important aspect is to present the outcome from the data analytics in a human readable fashion.

-          Human-computer interaction, providing the monitoring and controlling tooling.

The group aims to translate these technological challenges into an easily comprehensible way for a user to give the ability to understand, monitor and control the risks of employing CPS.

With a strong commitment to co-designed solutions with the potential target groups, we research new ways to get a clear understanding on how to present in an optimal way the emerge of new data from CPS and its implications on privacy, risk, security and safety.

Given the broad nature of the group’s interest, it has a close collaboration with the InfoSec and the University Observatory on Security for a complete coverage of researched fields. We are leading the Information Security continuous education program, as Professor Dimitri Konstantas is a director of the InfoSec. We are also founding member of the University Observatory on Security, assuring the vice-presidency and the IT security part. In addition, we are part of the Geneva state's initiative Forum Economie Numérique (Sécurité et sphère privée).